How to Install a Dual Shower Head

Everybody has an individual inclination with regards to the shower. A few people may like the shower make a beeline for the beat, while others may like a hard splash to rub muscles. On the off chance that you have a dual shower head, you won't always need to change the way it works. You can without much of a stretch introduce a dual shower head in roughly 60 minutes. 


Check the materials 

Before you start introducing the dual shower heads, ensure you have the greater part of the materials required for the establishment. Check the unit bundling to ensure all elements are incorporated.

Materials required:

These materials ought to incorporate, customize able swing arm unit, two shower heads, one Y connector, Teflon tape, elastic washers and hex nuts. If there are parts missing contact the organization, or restore the unit where it was acquired and trade for another one. Find the two shower heads and the swing arm unit. Drench these parts absolutely in water for around 15 minutes. This permits the elastic washers and O-rings to swing to their regular state.  

Shut off the water 

  • Ensure the water is shut off.  
  • Unscrew the old shower head from the pipe utilizing a pipe torque.  
  • After you get done with expelling it, clean the strings on the pipe with a mellow cleanser, and afterward dry totally.  
  • Wrap Teflon tape around the strings of the pipe, and ensure it is wrapped entirely.  
  • Attach the dual shower make a beeline for the pipe the strung end.  
  • Tighten it utilizing a pipe torque to shield it from leaking. 

Check for leaks 

  • Turn the water on and ensure there are no holes. On the off chance that there are leaks, fix with the pipe torque until the point that the leaking stops.  
  • Adjust the segments of the unit.  
  • Adjust the swing arm to the coveted stature.  
  • When you are wrapping up the unit, fix the swarm arm with the wing nuts gave the unit.  
  • Adjust both shower heads with the goal that the edges are the place they splash at the coveted positions. Each shower head can be balanced for low stream shower heads or control showers; it is your decision. When you wash up, you will locate a little switch between the dual shower heads, which turns the stream onto both or off to one of the shower heads.

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