Replacing a Shower Valve Assembly

You can locate the whole shower valve assembly in your neighborhood enormous box for around $40.00. I should disclose to you this isn't a temperature balancing valve. It is just the first shower valve instrument. 


Cut an opening in the wall behind the shower valve rolling in from the opposite side of the wall.  

At that point here is your main event:  

  • kill the water;
  • cut the old funnels;
  • evacuate the assembly;
  • fit the new assembly set up; and
  • patch all the vital channeling back together. 

After checking for spills, supplant the drywall that you took out to get to the assembly. 

An Important Note: I ensured there is adequate help for the new shower valve. Additionally ensured there is additional help for the tub gush. 

An extremely regular issue is a few people think this is a footstool. For instance, while shaving their legs or simply unwinding in the tub. It isn't for that reason. In this way, fortify in like manner. 

Only a Thought: You need to concede, supplanting the drywall from the back to fit a cracked fixture is considerably less demanding than putting new tile on the wall or replacing a fiberglass tub nook. 

To the extent the time and exertion consumed for this situation, substitution of the valve gathering is speedier and less expensive than the time you would waste endeavoring to settle the old cracked faucet valve and it is significantly more dependable.  

The extremely troublesome piece of this undertaking is getting the correct parts. I convey the old parts to the enormous box and attempt to coordinate them. Most spigots have a future of, no less than, ten years. In any case, seller product offerings get refreshed routinely.